Testing Alt August 22, 2016 Secret Places   From “First Poems,” Rainer Maria Rilke Understand, I’ll slip quietly Away from the noisy crowd When I see the pale Stars rising, blooming over the oaks I’ll pursue solitary pathways Through the pale twilit meadows, With only this one dream: You come too. In art as in life, I am drawn to undiscovered places. ... August 24, 2016 Poem of the Week Often I am Permitted to Return to a Meadow as if it were a scene made-up by the mind, that is not mine, but is a made place, that is mine, it is so near to the heart, an eternal pasture folded in all thought so that there is a hall therein that is a made place, created by light wherefrom the shadows that are forms fall. ... September 1, 2016 Persian Love Cake: A Recipe from Manger Anyone who knows me well knows that I enamored with the French countryside. ‘Enamored’ doesn’t really even cut it. On quiet evenings, I’ll look at photographs of French villages (St. Estèphe is my current obsession—a little village overlooking the banks of the Gironde estuary. It’s known for its wines, but I love to imagine the tin ... September 12, 2016 Storyboard: Boozy Palettes September is a weird month. Any attraction to the Indian Summer has faded. Still, Fall is nothing more than a dreamland in Vogue magazine. I get restless during this transition. This is especially true sartorially speaking: like everyone else, I’m itching for moto jackets and trench coats, knit dresses, velvet sneaks & boots. I ... January 31, 2017 Apartment Tour When I was nine or ten years old, I wanted to live in the house with the painted flowers. It was a Swedish-style cottage nestled in a mountain town; a place that looked like it was lifted straight from a storybook, with three stories, pale yellow shutters, and flowers & vines painted on its exterior. Perfect, cheery baskets of ... February 21, 2017 Music for the Studio When I play music in a dance studio, my body knows naturally what to do. It comes from years of serious training as a dancer first, then an ice dancer. Good technique was something I had to truly work for, but I had—I have-- an innate ability to express music. We all have a gift, and when it comes to dance, musicality is mine. When ... February 26, 2017 Storyboard: My Garden I grow & tend flowers on one tiny acre, which in the spring comes alive with rows of sweet peas, dahlias, heirloom roses, cosmos, and a kitchen garden. There's a leaning redbud tree, right in the heart of everything-- an inconvenience I have to work around, and a quirk I love. This space, it's something between a very large cut ... April 19, 2017 False Spring "In those days, though, the spring always came finally but it was frightening that it had nearly failed."- Hemingway Spring came, finally. But did anything change? It's childish to believe that a change of seasons can change one's life, but still I do. My floristry work keeps me tethered to the seasons, connected to even the ... July 21, 2017 Becoming Wandering around Hill Country, looking for meadows. Resting in a newfound sense of freedom. When these photos were taken, I was on a kind of sabbatical. I was resting, deeply, in the season and place God had brought me. But with deep rest came the desire for more; and in this moment, I had never before looked so far beyond mysel ... September 1, 2017 Foraged Late summer, and I’m foraging and gleaning dahlias from my flower farm, cosmos, zinnias, cutting garden roses, wild grape vine, indecipherable weeds I find pretty. Lady of Shallott, a heady apricot rose, makes me feel some kind of way. I like and want things in some shade of honey, something that feels languorous like the Indian su ... September 9, 2017 Beauty More Than Bread I’m trying to write to you about the blessings and benefits of seasonal ingredients. I want to write a simple story of a simple, everyday table that reflects the changing of the seasons. Stone fruits & root vegetables for fall, winter citrus & pomegranate; a spring of radishes, peas, strawberries, arugula; a summer of plums ... September 12, 2017 Honey "Dusk: a blade of honey between our shadows, draining." -Ocean Vuoung, On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous   Nearly autumn, with honeyed traces of the Indian summer. Everything is in between, in transition; only I feel present. Feel unencumbered by the past, and feel future opportunities surround the present momen ... November 10, 2017 On Gratitude November days, gray and calm but full of roses. I am astounded the roses are still here. Mornings, I go to the garden to look, half expecting them to have vanished overnight. They have not left me yet. A paradox of nature—roses in full flush when they should already be winter-buried. A few weeks ago, I may not have noticed them. ... December 15, 2017 Classic Springerle Cookies Winter. It’s the season of frost and greens, wreath-making and ice-skating, twined packages and candlelight services. It’s my season. I love winter’s particular magic, love winter fashion, and the look of things buried under snow. I surround myself with white flowers, because they feel hopeful and reverent, like December. Aromatic ... December 28, 2017 White as Snow If I could fill my studio with white flowers every day, I would. I love that effect—when you walk into a room full of white flowers. White flowers carry so many associations of innocence and joy-- the feeling of church bells and angel choirs; first snows and lit candles; of winter days with only happiness on the agenda. Lily of the ... January 25, 2018 The Creative Process: On Discipline, and Dreaming January. It’s a mostly disciplined month—I’ve been focusing on the, shall we say, less artistic components of my business. Creating systems, organizing all things financial, and fostering creative habits. I’m trying, also, to minimize distractions, and be pretty merciless about cutting out anything that deters me from producing my ...

meadow: a creative journal


My name is McKenzie O’Grady, and I am a florist, stylist, and storyteller. I spend my days creating free-spirited floral designs for weddings, events, and for the everyday. In life as in art, I am a wildflower girl. I respond to nature, poetry, and movement—to all the things that free the soul. Whether I’m styling flowers, my home, or myself, I’m into unruly, romantic, and undone. I want to live vibrantly, creatively, and with a passion that transcends limitations. I don’t like to be restrained, suppressed, or silenced. -read more-